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    Gabriel’s Product design and testing capabilities provide its customers with suitable technology solutions, in line with their specifications

    Product Design and Testing Capabilities

    Highlights of these capabilities and services include the CAD CAE system for designing products suited to customer requirements - finite element analysis & optimal design, computational fluid dynamics, benchmarking room, mobile ride tuning lab (the first of its kind in India), on-vehicle noise recording and analysis, noise tracks, validation by bench testing, damper NVH analysis and service load measurement support.

    Product Testing Capabilities

    These include a wide offering of In-house testing & laboratory equipment like:

    • Servo - Hydraulic test machines
    • Environment performance test chamber
    • Low – High temperature durability chamber
    • Salt spray test chamber.
    • Impact drop test machine
    • Noise chamber
    • On-vehicle noise test equipment
    • Test track for noise evaluation: 6 tracks+ 2 speed breakers
    • Suspension speed measurement equipment: 1 set
    • Strain gauge equipment
    • Universal Test machine (20T)
    • Two poster car lift & ramp for ride tuning
    • Mobile Ride Tuning Laboratory
    • Structural testing machine

    The External testing facility:

    Automobile Research Institute (fatigue test)

    Performance Testing Services

    Typical tests include:

    • Damping force measurement
    • Friction with and without side load
    • Abnormal Noise
    • Temperature test

    Durability Testing MTS 850

    Typical tests include:

    • Valve durability
    • Mud water durability
    • Sliding parts durability

    High Speed Durability Testing Machine

    Typical tests include:

    • Valve durability
    • Sliding parts durability
    • Structural fatigue test
    • Component durability

    Structural Testing Machine

    Typical tests include:

    • Static bend test
    • Bump Stop durability
    • Strut Structural fatigue test
    • Fatigue test for module part

    Environmental Chamber Temperature Tests

    Typical tests include:

    • Low temperature test
    • High temperature test

    Salt Spray Test Chamber

    Typical tests include:

    • Paint corrosion resistance as per ASTM   B117, JIS Z2371
    • Salt spray for piston rod plating

    Oil Noise Flow Measurement

    Typical applications:

    • OEM specification test
    • Field complaint Analysis
    • New Product development