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    Our Manufacturing Engineering capabilities have allowed us to design and build our own machinery and equipment. This has not only provided us with a unique competitive advantage but has also ensured that we are able to offer the best customised technology and solutions to our customers.

    Our Central Technical Services have so far designed over 125 special-purpose machines and built more than 500, specifically to adapt and customize global technology to suit Indian requirements. Some of these machines include the nut-torqueing & caulking machine, tube-bulging machine and oil & gas filling equipment.

    Nut-Torquing & Caulking Machine


    • Automatic nut-torqueing and caulking equipment for piston rod assembly
    • In process control and foolproofing for torque value and caulking
    • Torque & angle controlled nut runner from George Renault
    • Cycle time 15 seconds per piece

    Tube Bulging Machine


    • Single station linear bulging machine
    • Built on stress relieved steel fabrication
    • Hydraulic system from “Rexroth”
    • Loading, unloading manual
    • Indigenously developed PLC with MMI
    • Cycle time 12 seconds per piece

    Oil & Gas Filling Equipment


    • Simultaneous process of oil and gas filling
    • Core technology for gas-filled shocks
    • In process monitoring for gas pressure and oil quantity
    • Loading, unloading manual
    • Siemens PLC with MMI
    • Cycle time 12 seconds per piece

    Dynamic Testing Equipment


    • P.C. based data acquisition & control system to check damping force vs. velocity
    • Data acquisition, transducers system by National Instruments & Sensotec USA
    • Application oriented software using Labview
    • Precision guide ways with ball screw from THK, Servo drives by Siemens
    • Cycle time 15 seconds per piece

    Vertical Spinning Machine


    • Vertical spinning machine with 3T capacity
    • Settable spinning load and speed for accommodating different thicknesses
    • Loading, unloading manual
    • Gabriel-developed PLC program
    • Precision spinning rollers
    • Cycle time 15 seconds per piece

    Seam Welding Machine


    • Twin electrode vertical seam welding for shock absorber body
    • Heating and cooling cycle count for welding fault indication
    • Weld checkers by Miyachi
    • Unloading automatic
    • Fault diagnosis with PLC
    • Rotary encoder for overlap control